Five Airport Hacks to Make Your Journey More Comfortable

Going travelling and off on holiday is undoubtedly amazing, it’s just the getting there that can often be not so fun.  Airports are pretty stressful places with all the queuing, flight delays, last minute rushes and screaming kids.  Here’s five ways to make the airport, and your flight that little bit more relaxed.

five airport hacks book a lounge

Book A Lounge

Lounges aren’t just for first class ticket holders.  The airline specific ones might be but most airports tend to have privately owned and operated lounges which you can pre-book to sit in before your flight.

In them you’ll find a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with snacks and generally a free bar, which comes in handy if you like a couple of drinks pre-flight to settle your nerves.  Most cost £15-20 for entry so by the time you’ve had a couple of G&T’s you’ve made your money back from the entry when you look at the prices of the crowded airport pubs.  It’s a no brainer in my eyes.

You can also sign up to Priority Pass which I’m a big fan of.  This means that you can just rock up to an airline lounge at most airports across the world without needing to pre-book, so you can get comfort on the way home as well.

five airport hacks virgin upper class

Upgrade on the cheap

Ever dreamed of getting to the airline desk and having been randomly selected for an upgrade?  Unfortunately this is pretty unlikely to happen, unless you are part of the the airline’s frequent flyer program.

Airlines however more and more are selling upgrades at the check-in desk for a fraction of what the full price would have been if booking in advance.  It’s an opportunity to make some money off empty seats in higher cabins.  So if you don’t mind paying a bit extra it is always worth asking at the desk if they are selling upgrades on the flight.

Even if you don’t want to shell out for a full upgrade you can often buy an extra leg room or emergency exit seat for £30-£60 which if you’re on a flight for more than 8 hours I would say is definitely worth it.


five airport hacks bottle of water

Take your bottle of water through security

Ok this is a minor one and will only save a couple of pounds but hey, every little helps.  It always annoys me that I have to chuck away a bottle of water at security only to go and buy another one 5 minutes later as I always like to have one with me at my seat during a flight to keep hydrated.

So you can’t take a full one through but an empty one is fine.  There’s generally water fountains at the airports so just take the empty bottle through and refill it after security and voila, you’ve saved yourself a trip to Boots.

five airport hacks comfies

Take comfies in your hand luggage

I used to rock up to airports in just a tracksuit, however as I’ve got older I like to be a bit smarter for travelling. Which is all very well until you’re sat for 11 hours with swollen legs in skinny jeans.

Remember to pack some joggers (or even pyjama bottoms) that you can change into once on the flight and problem solved – you can have your airport look whilst still being comfortable on the plane.

five airport hacks eye mask

Pack an eye mask

Most airlines now only give you an amenity kit if it’s a night flight which means during the day you no longer get eye masks.  When you start getting a little bit drowsy after your food and wine with your meal an eye mask is a godsend to shut out the harsh light on-board.

Next time you’re on a plane make sure you save yours and then just take it with you on any future day flights so that you can get some well-deserved shut eye.