5 Steps to Prepare for an Early Morning Workout

Life is better if you do an early morning workout.  Fact.

When I get into the routine of going to the gym in the morning, aside from the health benefits and as part of my Summer Body regime, it makes an impact on the rest of my life too.

I’m instantly energised for the rest of the day, I make better food choices throughout the day, I feel better about myself and I’m more productive.

But getting up first thing to do an early morning workout workout is easier said than done when an extra hour in bed is so tempting.  Here’s 5 steps to setting yourself up right for an early morning workout:

1. Prepare your kit the night before

First thing in the morning any hurdle can slow you down and every minute is precious.  Whilst you’re still half asleep spending time searching for what you did with your trainers the day before is never useful and could end up leading you back into the comfort of your duvet.

Get all your gym kit ready the night before just to throw on, along with your work things by the door if you are going straight to work.  This means all you have to do is get out of bed and throw it on as the morning shower can come after the gym!

2. Have a breakfast ready

I’ve read loads of articles on how good exercising on an empty stomach is at burning fat.  This may be true but when tried to go to the gym first thing without eating I’ve found that I don’t have the energy to push myself properly and as a result it’s somewhat counter-productive.

I find just having a banana by my gym stuff as a quick bit of energy in the morning means I’m able to push myself harder.  A quick cup of coffee is always helpful too.

Early Morning Workout Breakfast

3. Set yourself up to get out of bed

Once I’m up for two or three minutes I’m generally awake it’s just getting up in the first place that is the challenge.  Set your alarm across the other end of the room – or read my other blog about the app that’s revolutionised my mornings for some tips on getting up more easily.

4. Mentally Prepare yourself

Going to bed mentally prepared that you will get up in the morning makes a huge amount of difference.  If you doubt yourself before going to bed then you are preparing to fail.  The mindset needs to be ‘I will get up for an early morning workout’ not ‘I might’.

Early Morning Workout Mentally Prepare

5. Get enough sleep

This is an obvious one and easier said than done but there are a few things you can do to help this.  Get into a routine of going to sleep at the same time every night so your body is prepared.

Also try and have a no phone in bed rule.  Do all your scrolling of social media before you get in bed and then phone down when you get into bed as this will help your mind relax.  I use audible a lot for audiobooks to listen to when I get in bed and set a sleep timer of 45 minutes.  It’s like the adult version of the bedtime story and I usually don’t get to the timer ending before I’m fast asleep.