REVIEW: Zelman Meats, Soho

It’s a right meat feast

Somehow I’ve managed to drag my birthday out for the past 5 weeks – it continued on this weekend with a visit to Zelman Meats as a late birthday dinner with my best mate who couldn’t make my party.  I know what you’re thinking, what kinda best mate doesn’t make your birthday party?  He was away on holiday though so I’ll let him off.

So we jumped onto the tube to Soho to head to Zelman meats – arguing about whether Oxford Circus or Leicester Square station was closer (I’ve since checked, they’re exactly the same distance).  Zelman meats is right in the centre of Soho nestled right between Dean Street and Wardour Street so plenty of options of places to go for pre or post drinks.  Check out Freedom Bar for great cocktails.

I didn’t realise until we were there and I saw that the plates said Goodman on them that this is part of the same group as the Goodman’s restaurants – up-market steak joints in swanky locations like Mayfair.  The steaks at Goodman’s are renowned as first class and so learning this peace of info only got me more excited.  I’ve been for dinner at Goodman’s once a few years ago and had an incredible experience there, its pricey but worth it.  The same group also created Burger & Lobster in Soho.

Zelman Meats: The Venue

After I interrogated our (very friendly) waitress I learnt that Zelman Meats is the more casual dining option for steak when compared with Goodman’s.  That certainly rang true from the interior, big high ceilings with various metal structures diving up the room and a variety of different table styles including some attractive looking booths (gotta love a booth!)  If you’re somebody who gets table envy I’d recommend requesting one.

Zelman Meats: The Drinks

There’s a nice original cocktail menu which with ten cocktails on isn’t too overwhelming but still gives a good selection of different booze bases to chuck down your neck.  I love anything tequila based so went for the Hombre Del Cohete which consists of Patron Blanco, Rocket, Lemon, Pink Peppercorn, Soda.  It was pretty bloody nice and was served over ice which I like because it stops me drinking them too quickly.  Sometimes with cocktails in a martini glass they can be gone in a couple of cocktails.  My BFF had the Perilla (Bombay Sapphire, Velvet Falernum, Lime, Sugar, Shiso Leaf) which was a bit fancier looking but still tasty AF.  I also had a nice glass of Malbec to go with the beef which went down a treat.

Zelman Meats: The Food

Holy Fuck!  That’s the name of one of the sauces to go with your steak the Holy Fuck Mayonnaise.  It’s a super spicy mayonnaise but that phrase can be used to describe the food in general.  It. Is. Fit.  The menu changes daily depending on the cuts of meat available and ‘the mood of our chef’s’ (as stated on their website.  You order the meat by the 100g so we went for 300g of Chateaubriand and 300g of the Sliced Picanha.  These were amazing the Chateaubriand as expected just melted in the mouth (we had it pink) – I was more of a fan of this than the Picanha but which was a bit fattier but this still got a big thumbs up.  The BBQ sauce to go with it is, as Jamie Oliver would say 10 years ago, pukka.

From a side perspective get the Charred Broccoli.  Let me repeat that – GET THE CHARRED BROCCOLI.  I would go as far as to say that it is the tastiest broccoli I have ever eaten.  It was something else, I have no idea what they do to that broccoli to make it taste so good but I’m getting excited over broccoli, which is not something I do often, or ever.  The chips were delicious and hearty portion and we had a St Paddy’s day special of mashed potato with spring on onion and cheese which went perfectly.

Zelman Meats: The Service

The service was excellent from our waitress who gave us friendly and personal attention.  Only slight mishap was that the wrong sides were brought out (two mash instead of a mash and chips) which was dealt with quickly and without fuss.  The efficiency was very good, though because our drinks and food were taken at the same time this meant that we were in and 0ut within an hour.  A slightly less efficient service would have meant we could have had a bit more time to sit and chat, but I’m nitpicking really.

Zelman Meats: The Verdict

Overall a really enjoyable experience with excellent food and great company.  We decided might be a nice place to take someone on a second or third date, or date night with your partner.  The total bill was £101 including service so at the higher end of mid range (we didn’t have starters or dessert) but was definitely worth it (for the broccoli alone!)