Switch Up Your Spring Style With Four Casual Jackets

Turning Jeans and a T-Shirt into Four Different Spring Looks

Spring is almost here (how TF did that happen?!) so time to switch out the winter wardrobe for spring style something a bit more seasonally appropriate.

Switching up a look doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact you can make the same outfit look completely different just by changing out one item – like a casual jacket.

In all the looks I’ve selected here I’m wearing the same black jeans from Topman, white H&M T-shirt and Adidas Superstar trainers.  The only thing that changes, apart from adding in the odd accessory, is the casual jacket.  Here are the looks:

Spring Style Look 1: Light Denim Jacket with Borg collar (As0s)

Wearing a denim jacket gives a super casual feel, perfect for heading to the shops on a Saturday afternoon or a picnic in the park.

Spring Style Look 2: Fully Borg Lined Black Cord Jacket (Asos)

This one’s another more casual one – perfect for going to the pub in the afternoon or heading to the cinema

Spring Style Look 3: Brown Leather Biker Jacket (Asos)

Wearing a leather jacket makes the look a bit smarter, but obviously still casual with the jeans, t-shirt and trainers. I’ve accessorised here with Rayban sunglasses – perfect for a boozy evening in a beer garden.

Spring Style Look 4; Black Leather Biker Jacket (Asos)

Again a bit more smart because of the leather jacket but a great choice for a casual night out, a gig, or running errands around town.


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